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Curve Non-Motorized Treadmill


The CURVE treadmill burns up to 30% more calories than conventional motorized treadmills because the user is actually powering the running surface, thus engaging more muscle groups and achieving a superior workout. Research studies have proven that users are able to reach similar cardiovascular exercise levels and caloric burn walking on the CURVE treadmill in comparison to running on conventional motorized units.

CURVE Testimonial

"I love the new Woodway CURVE. The big drawback to treadmill running in some peoples mind is that the treadmill is doing half the work. Not with the new CURVE. My athletes love it and, we have seen great results with heart rate elevation. This is just a great piece."

-Mike Boyle – Founder Body by Boyle

Force Video CURVE videos - Watch it in action

CURVE Walking   CURVE Running
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About the CURVE

The sophisticated curved design is the culmination of years of non-motorized design and development by WOODWAY with the key ingredient being WOODWAY’s patented running surface and near-frictionless drive system, allowing the running belt to move freely.

“The WOODWAY CURVE is going to change the way people look at treadmill performance training,” explains Eric Weber – Director of Sales and Marketing for WOODWAY. “As a completely non-motorized treadmill, the unique curved shape allows the user to accelerate and decelerate at their own desired pace. This is the first treadmill to truly react to the user’s abilities and not restrict them to the motors speed or acceleration while still providing you with the exceptional feel of the WOODWAY surface. We are thrilled to achieve this advancement while completely eliminating the need for electricity, making this product even greener than our already energy efficient treadmills.”


Curve Non-Motorized Treadmill
Curve Dimensions
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Running Surface

17” X 67”
60 individual rubber slats


No Maximum Speed

Elevation Innovative Curved Design
Drive System 114 precision ball bearings, toothed belt and drive wheels
Motor Human Powered
Weight 350 lbs
Electrical Does not require electrical power source
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