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Desmo Commerical Treadmill

Commercial Treadmills Designed for High Usage Facilities

WOODWAY understands that as a commercial facility, your success is a financial balance between maintaining equipment and retaining members. With WOODWAY in your facility, you can assure your members that they have access to the World's Finest Treadmill, the preferred choice among professional sports teams, top athletes and Hollywood stars.

WOODWAY's patented design is the most eco-friendly commercial treadmill on the planet, while providing your members with the most comfortable feel. A WOODWAY in your club will simply last longer, be more efficient and require less maintenance than any other treadmill.

• Patented running surface averages up to 150,000 miles of use without a single belt replacement, adjustment or tensioning

• Low-friction ball bearing transportation system completely eliminates the need for a conventional deck

• Requires significantly less maintenance and ensures reduced operating costs when compared to conventional treadmills

• Uses over 50% less electricity than conventional treadmills

• So durable, WOODWAY gurantees an unconditional buy back of 20% up to five years

What Does Total Cost of Ownership Mean to Your Bottom Line?

Purchase Price + Replacement Parts + Repairs + Maintenance + Power Costs = Total Cost of Ownership

TCO Graph

After a four year period, a conventional treadmill in a high-usage facility can cost nearly four times more to use and maintain than a WOODWAY.

WOODWAY treadmills are the absolute best investment for your facility. The combination of our time-tested reliability and proven performance will provide you with a long-term solution. WOODWAY treadmills are For The Long Run®


The ultimate Commercial Fitness Treadmill
Desmo Elite
Desmo Elite
Embedded Cardio Entertainment
Mercury Commercial Treadmill
High efficiency Commerical Treadmill
Path Commercial Treadmill
Compact sized Commercial Treadmill
Innovative curved design

Non-motorized treadmill featuring the innovative curved design

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